Meet Our Team

Samaritan Mortgage Group

At Samaritan Mortgage Group, Our team has dedicated individuals with years of collective experience in the mortgage industry. From Loan Officers who bring decades of expertise to the table to our support staff who ensure your journey is seamless, each team member plays a crucial role in our mission to assist you in achieving your homeownership goals. We take pride in our team’s diversity, which brings a wealth of perspectives, languages, and cultural understanding to better serve our clients. With a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for helping you secure your future, Samaritan Mortgage Group’s team is your trusted partner in the world of mortgages. Get to know us, and discover the difference experience and diversity can make in your mortgage journey.

Paul Massey Realtor

Paul Massey

Branch Manager

Chris Ferrill Realtor

Chris Ferrill

Loan Officer

Chris Estevez

Loan Officer

Maged Daniel Portrait Realtor

Maged Daniel

Loan Officer

Zahira Sanchez Portrait Realtor

Zahira Sanchez

Loan Officer

Diana Arango Portrait Realtor

Diana Arango

Loan Officer

Enzo Collado Realtor

Enzo Collado

Loan Officer

Luis Rivera Portrait Realtor

Luis Rivera

Loan Officer

Stephanie Stacy Portrait Realtor

Stephanie Stacy

Loan Officer

Annamarie-Montisano Portrait Realtor

Annamarie Montisano

Director of Realtor Relations


Ashley Meyers


Alejandra Bravo

Alejandra Bravo


Todd Hill Mortgage

Todd Hill

Loan Officer