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We understand that securing a mortgage is a significant financial decision, and our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, our commitment to providing personalized solutions ensures that you’ll find the perfect loan option to suit your needs. With a wide range of mortgage products, competitive rates, and a reputation for excellence in customer service, Samaritan Mortgage Group is your trusted partner in achieving your homeownership dreams. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you in navigating the complex world of mortgage financing, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Let us help you secure your future with the right loan services tailored to your unique circumstances.

DSCR: Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Looks at the income generated by the property
  • No employment required
  • No income required
  • Investment property only
  • DSCR = Net operating income/Debt service
  • As low as 0.8
Foreign National
  • Only for citizens from outside the US
  • Borrower may not live or work in the US
  • It’s a DSCR of 1:1 ratio
  • Funds must be seasoned for at least 60 days (30 days out of 60 the funds must be in an FDIC-insured bank)
  • Foreign credit is preferred but not required
  • Investment property only
  • 70% max LTV
  • Short-term rentals allowed
Community Mortgage
  • No income required
  • Qualify based on credit and savings
  • 680 credit minimum
  • 20%-25% down payment required
  • 12-15 months of reserves required
  • Primary and second homes only
  • Gifts allowed
Bank Statement
  • 12 months statements
  • 90% max LTV
  • Self-employed and 1099 borrowers
  • Personal or business statements
  • W2 employees
  • Qualify WVOE, 12-month Bank Statement or DSCR
  • 2-year income history
  • 80% max LTV
  • No reserves required
  • 2-year 1099s & 2 months Bank Statement
  • 80% max LTV
  • No FTHB
Non-Qualified Mortgage Products
  • Veteran Administration Loan
  • Federal Housing Administration Loan
  • Conventional Loan