Samaritan Mortgage Group

Samaritan Mortgage Group is synonymous with Charity, that’s the legacy we want to leave and the legacy that we must leave.

It all started with an idea… After twenty years in the mortgage industry, one can become a little burnt out. After a loss in the family, it made me rethink everything. What’s really important in life. A change had to be made. For us, the thing that makes us feel most alive is giving. Making someone else’s life better. Since we’re not independently wealthy, we needed to stay in business thankfully as a community lender. We realigned our mission to donate to charity as we close every transaction. 

After two years of doing so, we knew we were doing good, but we didn’t think we were necessarily having the impact that we wanted.

During Military Awareness month we were getting ready to write a check to a wonderful military charity. I’m not sure what it was but we were given a sign… Right before we were about to write the check, a veteran we know locally was in need. After being able to help this veteran directly, we knew we found our new calling. Rather than giving to charity, we were going to be the charity.

Our charitable organization dedicated to aiding individuals within the community and providing life-changing grants, as well as protecting our local ecosystem – both on and offshore

Charity Samaritan Mortgage Group